Anonymous said: I'm very sorry to bother you, are also the mun of redhead-spy right? Will you ever consider to roleplay lucy again?


Hello there! Yes I am the mun of Lucy on Redhead-spy. I really want to play Lucy, I even restarted playing Lucy few weeks ago but I dropped it again, not because I don’t want to… but because of school.  I’m an art student and I’m always so busy with works and study /sighs

I barely have time to go there and work on whatever I try to…I even barely have time to come to this blog which is my main one!

But yes, I’ll totally play Lucy again when the winter break comes! It kinda makes me feel happy that someone noticed I’ve been away again, it makes me wanna make the time pass faster so I can play my lovely princess again. Thank you, and here you have the reason why I’ve been away.

Don’t worry, as soon as winter break comes, I’ll go back to Lucy again!

outofspy: I know I should have come here to tell everyone this before… But yes, it’s why I’ve been away. I’m on hiatus again until the winter break comes! I’m sorry ;__; I hope everyone can understand it.

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"Oh hello there, nice to meet you and Happy Halloween! Would you like to have some candies? Here, take some!"


"Hah! Cool you’re dressed up too Mrs. Lucy." It was pretty cool some adults like Lucy wished to dress up and get into the spirit today. "Gracias Mrs. Lucy." He smiled, only taking a few bags of candy. He didn’t want to come off as greedy.


"Huh?" Looking to his right he watched as some minions in costumes ran out. "Looks like they’re enjoying the holiday too. Are you going to head out trick or treating with the girls, or are they already out?"

"I always like to dress up on Halloween, it’s so fun!" Lucy exclaimed proud of her costume.


"Gru says they always get crazy like this on holidays." she said, looking at the minions running on the street. "No, I’m gonna stay here with Gru, giving candies and trying to scare some people, you know! The girls already got out, maybe you can find them later."

Anonymous said: Spooky, scary, skeletons, send shivers down your spine! Shrieking skulls will shock your soul, seal your doom tonight! Spooky, scary skeletons, speak with such a screech. You'll shake and shutter in surprise when you hear these zombies shriek!~


achromatic-colress said: (OutofColress: Another Lucy, huh? I heard you came back from hiatus! Glad to see you!)

outofspy: Yes I was under hiatus until few days ago, I was the first person playing Lucy around here but I had to take a break because I wasn’t feeling into character back then, but now I’m totally back! Thanks a lot :D


future-world-ruler-deactivated2 said: "Um. Poit. I don't have any weapons, but here's a bucket thingy for candy!" The pumpkin could barely hold a chocolate chip. "Trick or treat! Please!"

"Ahahah, that was a good one! Happy Halloween!" Lucy said with a big smile, handing a bowl with sweets, "Take what you want!"

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My Halloween sucks. Nobody takes time for me or don´t want to talk to me.I hope that your halloween is going good.i´d like to hear some good news.^^

"Oh what’s wrong?" Lucy asked with a sad expression “I feel sorry to hear that…Would you like to join me to Trick or Treat?”


"Trick or Treat Mrs. Lucy!" Antonio grinned at the adult while wearing his Phantom costume. "Si, I am having fun. Are you enjoying the holiday too?"

"Hello Antonio!" Lucy greeted the boy when he spoke to her, she was wearing a fullbody green suit with her hair down, she was dress up as this character named Sam for those cartoons “Totally Spies”.


“Obviously I am having fun, Happy Halloween! Here, take what you want”  she said, handing a bowl full of different type of sweets to Antonio, in that moment many minions ran out of the door, passing through them, dressed up with various costumes, “I bet our house is going to be way too full of sweets later.” the woman laughed